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Radio Pun ctum presents Harmonious Thelonious live (DE)\n\nLine-up:\nT'ien Lai (PL)\ nXenony (PL)\nDead Pigeon Dub + Escher Fucker\nCitty\nAitcher Clark\nSsnur ssla\nSun Drugs\n\nVisuals:\nNi co\nTaona\n\n///////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////\n\nT'ien Lai (PL)\nExperimental quartet T'ien Lai combines dr one with spiraling psychedelia and live percussion to create heavily disto rted\, ritualistic dance music. The project borrows from Le Corbusier's br utalist architecture and the materialist side of magic realism and is desc ribed as "magic brutalism“.\nThe quartet is comprised of musicians from Innercity Ensemble\, Hati\, Stara Rzeka\, Alameda Organisation. T’ien La i are known for their extraordinary live shows (at festivals such as CTM\, Unsound or Mutek among others) in which they combine radio sets\, sampler s\, sythesizers\, effects and vocals with congas\, gongs\, bells\, horns a nd cymbals.\n\n\n h?v=iwiw_GmLsyE\n\nXenony (PL)\nElectronic trio conducted by Piotr Bukowsk i (Hokei\, Duży Jack\, Tutaj) exploring the pioneer and imaginative field s of electronics of the early 80s and 90s.\nimaginative fields of electron ics of the early 80s and 90s. This will be the band’s promo tour for the ir upcoming record out on Instant Classic.\n\n \n\n\nT'ien Lai / Xenony Europe tour is implemented as part of the "Polish Culture Around the World" prog ramme of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.\n\nDead Pigeon Dub + Escher Fucker \n(non)legendary hard-classifiable ensemble will connect their relentless dub force with analogue VJs Escher Fucker.\n\n\nhtt ps://\n\nCitty\nLive modular techno pro ject founded by Martin Vodicka. The project created to explore the sound p ossibilities of our times\, to examine the effect of sound hypnosis on liv ing subjects\, to create impressions of non-existent worlds by using unhea rd atmospheres and modulation of noise. The variety of sounds Citty compos es goes from dark ambient atmospheres and drones to hypnotic techno includ ing not straight rhythms and patterns combined with distortions.\n\nhttps: //\n\nAitc her Clark\nSound designer\, producer\, composer and lover of any good musi c in multiple genres. He spent his teenage years exploring techno and IDM by joining rave parties\, collecting records and learning to play turntabl es. The DJing hobby naturally grew into a inner calling for his own music production. He collects inspiration from anything that strikes his ears ev ery day and his creations carry traces of field recordings of various envi ronments. Mind bursting with ideas\, he devotes a lot of time to crafting his own sounds\, until they truly reflect the shapes contained in his imag ination\, tones of his moods and intensity of mental states. His music fea tures a balanced mixture of fragile sensitivity and brutal powers of muted physicality\, a melancholic stream of delicate harmonies\, intelligent be ats\, with tension gradually escalating up to the edge of opening to the u nknown.\n\n\n\nSun Drugs\nFrom neuroti c percussion electro through dirty polyrhythmic techno to splintered house with dubby grooves - that's the DJ side of Matěj Kotouček (aka Sky To S peak)\, one of core members of AVA kolektiv.\n\n kytospeak/uploads/\n\nSsnurssla\nShaman of the AVA tribe. His DJ sets fuse tribal energy\, polyrhythmic patterns and loopy motorics melting into a d eep\, immersive and hypnotic dance experience. No matter if his wildly per formative dj sets experiment with spacey techno\, outsider house\, futuris tic bass music or even broken juke and gqom.\n\n urssla\n\n\nentry: 200\,- STATUS:CONFIRMED DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20180407 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20180408 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT CREATED:20180402T143154 DTSTAMP:20180402T143154 LAST-MODIFIED:20180402T143154 UID:73I9ZXSSBREEDAE7AZAJP5 SUMMARY:not-yet-known DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20181027 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20181028 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT CREATED:20180327T220556 DTSTAMP:20180327T220556 LAST-MODIFIED:20180327T220556 UID:ZCN3V2ZO8JTRIL38QVYPD SUMMARY:minulost DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20180323 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20180324 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT CREATED:20180402T134056 DTSTAMP:20180402T134056 LAST-MODIFIED:20180402T134056 UID:K3311VDF5BEXFNC33HKNH SUMMARY:kun-a-lab live visuals @ Buket #3 @ Petrohradská Kolektiv CLASS:PUBLIC STATUS:CONFIRMED LOCATION:Petrohradská kolektiv DESCRIPTION:\n\nhttp://http :// DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20180503 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20180504 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT CREATED:20180402T143305 DTSTAMP:20180402T143305 LAST-MODIFIED:20180402T143305 UID:VVSM0PA810AN7ICU5CDK5R SUMMARY:Rozhovory o kosmu DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20181116 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20181117 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR