Wrong by Further Down

“There’s something wrong here. I don’t know exactly what it is, but something.”

I went a little darker this time.
My new collection of ambient pieces is here to bring some healing noise into these desperate times.
It’s harder to find any positive thoughts in directions the world is heading to nowadays.
We’re getting towards our own dystopia, reigned by devious authorities and post-truth.
It’s approaching and slowly surrounding us like radioactive mud that flooded romanian village Geamana in 1970s.
Or as Duke from 2013’s classic Wrong Cops puts it:
“In reality, hell is here. This world that we walk around in, that we live in every day, is hell.”
Is it just an irrelevant nonsensical rant from a pot-annihilated lunatic mind?
Yeah, probably.
After all, the same is this album.
Embrace the absurdity of music.
This is WRONG.
released April 12, 2021

Recorded DIY, February 2021 in Prague
Hardware: Korg, Synthrotek, The Vape, Bastl Instruments, old tape recorder, untuned piano, handful of effects, several glasses and Audacity Reverse plug-in (yes, it’s that important).
Photos from Geamana: Julie Krausová
Typography: Filip Kraus

/-\ #2102
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