Universaly acclaimed swan song album Foregone gets a cassette release

Hello dreare friends.

While the band is taking a break, tending to family, or indulging in various profane pleasures, our latest album, Foregone, enriched by spectacular noises created by Further Down, was released as a cassette on the Finnish label Kohina records and our home base label /|\. How did this happen?

Before we sold off our drums and amps, Foregone was already released digitally. Exactly one year ago Further Down and Sweeps04 from the /|\ mothership toured with us the Baltic countries, including two stops in Finland where we shared stage with local sludge/doom metal band Betelzeus.

After not-so-crowded gig in Helsinki we played at the legendary club Torvi in Lahti, where a fairly decent crowd arrived despite the fact that the local hockey club was playing its league final game. We were invited to stay at a beautiful wooden house in countryside where we had great time with our Finnish hosts. What happened later is still unclear. We only know that Dave and Vojta ventured into the sauna with the local matadors at three in the morning and now we are holding package full of cassettes from Finland.
We’re thrilled the cassette production went smoothly. Special thanks to Jirko from Betelzeus / Kohina records for making it happen, Tom for his beautiful design, and Richard from /|\ for distributing the record in Czechia and for equipping us with disposable analog cameras for the tour.