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Dälek’s full-length high-grade terrain-disfiguring LIVE video is (almost) here!

Full-length concert to be released soon. Subscribe so you won’t miss it!

Release plan schedule:

July: 6th, 13th, 27th / August: 3rd, 19th, 31st – six separate song releases

September 3rd, 2018 – final full-length show release


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CRT visuals by

concert production by and Heartnoize

Bagdasarov / Pollack / Schweighart / Vatagin live /video

Four incredibly synced musicians from different parts of the world improvising live. One of a few opportunities to see these guys play together as a group captured by our crew. We hope you’ll enjoy this treat.


11/11/2015 at the Prague Libeň Synagogue

created by a l e p
in collaboration with Serpens, unijazz and /-\ sdbs

Launch of our new music video sub-project

We are proud to present you with the kick-off video of our new sub-project, ALEP. Check out the full recording of one of our most treasured experiences – the Kammerflimmer Kollektief concert in the Libeň synagogue, which we organised in cooperation with the Alternativa festival. Check it out and think about following ALEP on Youtube! ( ).

A big thank you to everyone who participated!