Compilation "Vlny" by /-\

Compilation of live-remote recordings of /-\ collective from spring and summer 2020.

Strong sense of detachment and mind-numbing moments of isolation, an urge to make something new and vivid to counter suppression and lockdown. Re-connecting through music with the new ways of live yet separated performance.

Bandcamp link (download available): Vlny α, Vlny β, Vlny δ

Soundcloud link: Vlny α, Vlny β, Vlny δ

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Isolation Sound Discharge

Amassed isolation sound discharged right in a gap between unexpected and inevitable crises.

A rough edit of two consecutive live shows – adHD.piko @ Punctum & Hájenka X @ Kovanice both co-organized by /-\ in summer 2020.

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music : Zlom []
video : OPjay (Kun Saxan) []
support : SolSol []
backbone : /-\ []


Welcome to the overplay of past and future confusion – Hájenka vol. X /-\ sdbs warmup.

– [X] Dead Pigeon Dub + Escher Fucker
– [X] Zlom + OPA
– [X] Nedory Satori
– [X] KSX chillout

13.8.2020 @ Punctum – Krásovka 19:00 – 01:00

OutPosts2 continguity edition

We live in the new vectorial wasteland, the plane of abundance and crisis, and our instinct-imperative is to manifest our creative urge.