#WYRD/PATCHWORKSHOP 26/10/2018 @ Punctum At the second WPWS, diffractions and sdbs will continue the live stream discussions about the patch (a vision of decentralized local sovereignty and collective administration). The aim is to propose ways of approaching the idea of the patch as well as specific visions of its functions. We look forward to as many people as possible participating in the debate as well as the small chillout afterwards. 1700 Dustin–Intro Death ~1710 CEST (0210 AEDT) Amy Ireland – Scrap Metal and Fabric? ~1745/1800 (0300 AEDT) Alice Farmer – History of patchwork? ~1815 Cas – Rojava plan as patchwork case study: Social Ecology ~1900 Michael James – Deep adaptation ~1930/1945 Seb – Psychospirituality in the face of collapse: Deep adaptation as our first step ~2000/2030 Radim – Patching up closures -2100 Autopoeic