If you find some of the themes and topics addressed by /-\ interesting, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately through [email protected] – we are always looking for new sources of inspiration and new opportunities for cooperation.




/-\ is always undergoing continuous shifts and mutations, more radical and confusing than usual even for loose collectives of its type. As of 2019, after a decade* of experiments and explorations, we are still in the process of permanent rearticulation of where to go next.


Our initial question when developing /-\ was “What is a worthwhile project for people to invest their limited attention and energies into at the start of the 21st century?”


All /-\ projects try to offer participants ways of reaching a specific state through different means – usually art, physical exercise, teleological debate and productive intersubjectivity.


We have developed the first version of /-\ during a period of almost 5 years following the 2008 crisis as a tool to address a core set of issues:

The prevalent and everspreading apathy and anhedonia (not to mention acedia and anomie) that seem to consume human lives more and more with each generation.

The inability of most humans (under the aforementioned circumstances) to work together on fulfilling projects with trust and accountability.

The need for psychospiritual damage control and mythopoetic experiences in the face of a multifaceted species-wide crisis (composed of various humanitarian, ecological, technosocial, political, cultural and other challenges).

The lack of proactive and progressive cultural platforms capable of supporting young artists and thinkers who feel the need to address the issues mentioned above, as well as a lack of connective tissue between the few platforms that do exist.


*  /-\ [slash, dash, backslash] as a term appeared around 2012, although the roots are a few years older.