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Dead Pigeon Dub + Escher Fucker live performance of "FLUX"

Dead Pigeon Dub + Escher Fucker video cut from a live performance of “FLUX” song @ ALTERNATIVA Festival 01/11/2018 / meetfactory

Don’t forget to come to Studio Hrdinu Monday 7th January 2019 to see our live show!

hansel – Sistern Plex (EF QUICKIE)

unofficial music video for a song “Sinstern Plex” by hansel (aka Alan Fux)

This is the first installment of our new “QUCKIE” series, where we release onto the world video recordings of our very brief, but very intimate improvisational moments done to the sounds of our favorite musical artists. No polish, almost no editing, just pure animalistic passion.

DPD+EF @ Alternativa 2018

DPD+EF will play Alternativa 2018

Mighty ultra crushing rhythms echoing the best God / Techno Animal / Godflesh era and then some! Symbiosis with live visual fuckery from Escher Fucker. Dead Pigeon has become force to be reckoned with and one of the hidden gems of Prague scene.

via Alternativa 2018

Toon - "Duckman / Scotch Mist" music video by 𝛴𝐹

Directed by Escher Fucker From the album Cudighi by Toon:… Produced, Performed, and Written by Benjamin Van Howe Mastered by Matthew J Van Howe 2018 Cudighi Records

07/04/18 - live with T'ien Lai & Xenony


15.12. 2017 20:00 @ Punctum


Dead Pigeon Dub + Escher Fucker

Nedory Satori

Kun Saxan
meta-cringe-AV tape release/thing

Introduction to digital security
přednáška / workshop


entry 50 Czk, goes to Punctum